Welcome to the 2017/18 Season!


October 22 - The schedules for the Junior and Senior Divisions have been posted in the Schedules and Forms tab at the top of the page.  The Masters Division schedule will be posted once the teams are ready to pay games.

Registrations 2017/18

October 3 - Registrations for the current season have begun and should be completed by October 22nd.  If you are unable to contact a community program to register, please sent an email to [email protected] with the following information: School your child/children attend, grade your child is in, and a contact email and phone number you can be reached at.  This information can be forwarded to the closest community club in your area and they will contact you regarding their registration cost.  Clubs set their own registration fee as many use a portion to purchase extra ice time for practices and for other team activities.

Thank You,

Doug Olsen,


About Our Association

OUR FORMATION- With the demise of the Saint John School Hockey program that had been running for decades, a group of concerned volunteers, parents, coaches, and former players decided that there was a need to offer the youth of Saint John a new association, an association that offered that same "feel" that Saint John School Hockey offered. 

OUR MISSION- Our mission is very simple.  Our mission is to provide a safe environment for our players to enjoy the game in a non-competitive based format with our principle focuses being on fun, fair play, equal opportunity and inclusiveness for players of all skill levels, regardless of any mental or physical disabilities.  Through these focuses, we will be instilling the qualities of sportsmanship, camaraderie, acceptance, self confidence, and respect for others in our players.